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MarriageArchitect and "Networking for Singles" is Global! 

Hi! My name is Daniella Rudoff. I am a Dating and Marriage Educator and Mentor.

I help you incorporate communication and interpersonal relationship skills to help you build a strong and positive foundation in all your relationships.

Are you dating to get married? I am happy to help you meet your spouse!

I have a large and growing  "Networking for Singles" database of singles who I know personally. Here's how it works: Message me to set up a meeting. If you live in Israel, then we will meet in person. If you live outside of Israel, then we will arrange to meet on Google Hangouts or Skype. I take the time to really get to know you, so that I can set you up with someone who will be the best possible fit for you. Once we've met, I will be able to determine whether I have a suitable match for you. If not, then I will know you well enough to think of you and contact you when I meet the right person for you in the future. My network knows that I continue to think of them constantly and set them up when appropriate. In fact, this is how I matched the married couples in my network.


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Are you seriously dating and almost engaged? Are you getting nervous that s/he is the right one? Getting "cold feet"? Message me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are you curious to hear more about my work as The MarriageArchitect?

Check out this Radio Show interview with Yishai Fleisher on Voice of Israel:



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 Daniella Rudoff is The MarriageArchitect: "Networking for Singles" Globally! 


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Written on 16/11/2014, 10:56 by daniella
radio-talk-show-interview-with-yishai-fleisher-on-voice-of-israelDaniella Rudoff, Marriage Architect, on Yishai Fleisher's Talk Show on Voice of Israel. To listen, please click on this link:...